What is Little Tokyo?

Saigon's Japanese ghetto.

It's a small block in District 1 filled with Japanese bars, ikazayas, restaurants, and (most importantly) bizarre hostess bars. The girls in Little Tokyo are much more professional than other bar girls in the city.

They wear uniforms and do their best to entertain you while you're enjoying a cocktail and watching Japanese Anime on a projector screen (it's an odd experience).

Can you pick up as a couple?

Saigon is a difficult city to pickup a women if you're a couple. We're becoming experts at striking out in South East Asia.

We've explored Little Tokyo a few times. Let me answer this directly: No, you can't pick up a girl as a couple in Little Tokyo.

It's a unique miniature red light district worthy of your attention, but it's not the place to find a girl for a threesome. The hostess bars in Little Tokyo are filled with innuendo and teasing. That can be fun to experience, but you're not taking one of the babes home at the end of the night.

The girls here make their money from your table/bar charge and drink commissions. They're amazing at what they do: pour your drinks, hand you towels, act cute, sing karaoke, and hold your attention. Fucking is not their specialization.

Your hostess will pass you snacks and a wet towel. k 🤔

It's also worth noting that the hostess bars in this area are designed for overworked salarymen. Your presence here as a couple is a novelty – other patrons may not like you intruding on their turf.

Note: obviously this is a generalization. You might find a babe that's legitimately interested, but don't go in with that expectation or you will be disappointed.

Verdict on Little Tokyo?

Great to check out for a unique date night. A terrible idea if you're looking for a threesome friend. You will have an easier time on Bui Vien.